1 Nov 2013

-- Self Portrait Day --

This year for Self Portrait Day I went with a straightforward slouching full face SP. I was gonna do a major character piece with guns and muscles and everything amped up but it felt like I wasn't engaging in the spirit of the exercise. The idea of a Self Portrait is about observation and honesty about yourself. I can do a drawing of a massive bloke with a massive gun any old day, so I ended up producing the above SP in a few hours this afternoon.

There's loads of stuff I would like to spend longer on and I dislike leaving a final piece in b/w but I spent ages pissing around with the beard and I want to go draw a massive bloke with a massive gun now :P

20 Oct 2013

Dr Sketchy's Bristol -- Smoke & Mirrors 19th October 2013

My second visit to Dr Sketchy's Bristol, and this time they put on a Halloween themed event and tied it in with the Bristol Burlesque Festival. Not as many models and routines and the last Dr Sketchy's Bristol I went to, but the fantastic calibre of  the models more than made up for the lack of variety.

The first model was Sandy Sure, who did a spectacular job of posing as Beetlejuice! The suit and wig were of course easy touches, but she did a brilliant job of capturing Michael Keaton's distinctive posture and she did some terrifying facial grimaces as well!

The second model was Bristol Burlesque Festival co-producer and classy lady Tuesday Laveau! There'll be no mistaking the pictures of her as she was wearing a massive papier mache eyeball helmet for her initial poses, and formidable star-spangled stripper boots. I was honoured when Tuesday picked out my little sketch of her face as her favourite drawing of the evening! "I have a weird face," she said, which is why she was so impressed that I was able to capture something of a likeness. For the record Ms. Laveau, Hattie and I think you have a very pretty face ;)

10 Aug 2013