28 Oct 2007

ALTIOR calender submission

The legal training company Altior gave my university course's degree show fund a generous contribution in return for us doing some illustrations for their calender next year. My submission is based on the idea of Time Management, and my illustration is a parody of Lewis Hine's iconic image of masculinty Power House Mechanic working on a Steam Pump.

Star Wars sketch

Star Wars was on TV tonight, and I doodled this in a corner of my sketchbook. I was interested in the thick sleeves of Luke's tunic, and the way that the little flappy bit below his belt looked. I then did a super-quick colouring job on it, mainly interested in how different layer blending modes effected photographic textures. I think the most interesting aspect of this sketch that I'd like to explore in a later illustration is the idea of looking out from a dark are into a bright area, and the effect the contrast has on the drama in the image.

A selection of my life drawings from the last couple of weeks.

ECLECTIC - cllub night logo design

I was asked by a friend to try and come up with a logo for his upcoming 'eclectic' club night. The idea of the night is that he's going to be playing unusual covers of famous songs. Because of the idea of blending different musical styles together, I came up with the idea a cassette tape with a vinyl and a CD instead of spools.
I also drew the lettering, mixing different fonts to help reflect the blending idea again.

Rakosh Feeding

This is a illustration I did for the boarders at www.repairmanjack.com. One of Repairman Jack's main protagonists is this monster, known as a Rakosh. I had never seen an illustration of a Rakosh that I felt was accurate to their description in the books (neither on the book covers or anywhere else on the internet) so I spent a lot of time narrowing down the design before beginning my painting. It got a thorough thumbs up from all the people in the official forum, and I even had a nice approving message from F Paul Wilson him self, author of the Repairman Jack books and creator of the Rakoshi.

HERO - collaborative project with Sorrel Sparks

This is my finished image for the HERO/VILLAIN collaborative project between myself and Sorrel Sparks. The idea was that we'd each pencil one and then paint the other's pencils, so we'd each have had a hand in both aspects to the project. Pencils by Sorrel, painted by myself. Whenever Sorrel gets around to painting my pencils, I'll post the finished result here.