28 Sep 2014

Roller Derby Tablet Sketches

Hattie and I were lucky enough to get tickets to Bath Roller Derby Girls's first public bout, which was held yesterday. I was spending some of the quiet time before the bout to sketch the skaters and refs doing their warm ups... there are also a couple of sketches of the crowd and the fearsome clog dancers from the half time show! 

A phone doodle that I have been carrying around in my pocket for the last few days, that I finished off in the studio today and decided to share. 

21 Sep 2014

Dr Sketchy's :: "A Night at the Movies"

Another great session at Dr Sketchy Bristol, this time the theme was "A Night at the Movies". Today's models were Miss Angelique DominiqueIvana Vanderfluff and (Hattie's new favourite!) the magnificent Raven Noir

I didn't do as much pencil sketching as usual, because I was trying to make better use of my tablet... Raven's ginormous orange/yellow/red feathery outfit was best captured in big splashy strokes of colour. These were only 2 minute poses, so there was very little else to do but embiggen the brush and make it as quick and messy as possible :)