28 Jul 2014

Dr Sketchy's Bristol Birthday Party

Dr Sketchy's celebrated their first anniversary by hosting a burlesque meets circus extravaganza! The whole event was terrific, with tasty canap├ęs, great music and brilliant pole dancing beforehand, and featuring a great range of  models during the event. To make room for the aerial acts the venue had changed from the Stag & Hounds to the Pink Kitten Dance School, but this proved to be a real boon for me; it was a bright sunny day,  and the studio was lit by a single window beaming sunlight straight onto where the models were arranged. The colours and tonal range were absolutely ideal!

The circus act was a magnificent aerial performer named Tabitha T Ease who posed in some jaw dropping positions, the one drawback being that her full length loose fitting jumpsuit left way too much anatomy to the imagination ;) still managed to get some great sketches of her posing in a suspended hoop. 

The burlesque double act of BarryIsland DragKing and Flossie Smalls was good fun, portraying a grubby builder and a bored housewife for their set. Flossie was stunning and in the brief time that she was posing she demonstrated a gorgeous range of poses, I would love to have been able to spend more time drawing her. I think that the little digital sketch of Flossie with the touches of colour is my favourite drawing of the whole afternoon.

The final act was Missy Malone, delivering a classic burlesque routine for the afternoon's big finish. Again my one regret was that we didn't get to spend more time drawing her. To have 4x 5 minutes poses whilst she was wearing a full length black dress was good fun, but not much life drawing was going on :S My digital sketch of her final 20 minute pose was my second favourite sketch of the afternoon; I had to move to stand on the opposite side of the room than I had been sitting, which gives it a unique perspective compared to the rest of my sketches, and 20 minutes was plenty to get to grips with my tablet.

Safe to say I am looking forward to next time already!