Sketch Crawl: M Shed

A pair of sketches from my recent visit to M Shed, Bristol's industrial museum.

Hero (?)

I started this doodle on a lunch break, and didn't have anything worked out and no idea what the final drawing was gonna look like, hence the vague title--- I changed my mind several times throughout the process of what was happening here, who this guy was, and whether he was a hero or a villain.

Dr Sketchy's Bristol :: Bad to the Bone"

I really don't keep this blog updated enough, do I? It seems like the only time I ever update is whenever I go to a Dr Sketchy's session! If you're interested in seeing more of my work you can also follow my ongoing Suicide Girls Sketch of the Set of the Day project on Twitter and Tumblr

As for this afternoon's sketching, it was as much fun as it always is at Dr Sketchy's Bristol. New venue and new time is nice, with some good things and bad things so looking forward to seeing what things are like next time. I was really looking forward to getting to draw Mz Bones and considering her profile and the name of the event (Bad to the Bone) I assumed she would be the headline act, so I was surprised to see her come out first. Arabella Sparkles was up next, and looked great in her highway man burlesque costume. Lots of fun to draw, I would have loved to have had a long pose to draw her costume! Luna L'amour was the third and final act, and I had a lot of fun sketching her. She kept pulling fantastically vampish facial expressions, which suited her creepy Snow White routine perfectly.

Dr. Sketchy's Bristol :: 'A Fairy Tale in Bristol'


Another great afternoon's drawing at Dr Sketchy's Bristol. Today's performers (from top to bottom) Ophelia Wilde, Sir Midnight Blues, and Tabitha Taboo That was the last Dr Sketchy's of the year (obviously) and the next one isn't until Feb (unfortunately) but it'll be in the new venue (excitingly) so I am looking forward to next time (already)! 

Ultraviolent Roller Derby Comic Concept

This project started as a joke, fictionalising a friend and her roller derby exploits, with the intention to produce a little comic filled with blood, guts, and quad skates. 

But despite having worked it all up to rough layout stage and actually completed half a dozen pages, there has always been something getting in the way of me completing it! Following recent events I can't imagine I am going to be able to allocate any significant time to a roller derby project any time soon, so I have reluctantly declared this project complete. 

Lazy Sunday Sketchcrawl :: Bristol City Museum

Yesterday Hattie and I had a lovely afternoon sketching in the Bristol City Museum. Such a beautiful building with a diverse collection of things to draw. I have been to the Bristol City Museum more times than I can count. First when I originally came to Bristol, then during college and uni it was a common place for projects to take me, and now it's still a great place to go if you want to draw some interesting things. Looking forward to next time already!

1st November :: International Self Portrait Day :: 2014

Every year on 1st November artists around the world do a self portrait in their chosen medium: drawing, painting, video, animation, music, origami, sculpture, you name it! I did this on my tablet in front of the bathroom mirror in just under 2 hours, which is a long time for Fifi to sit there waiting for me :P

Process gif, just for fun: