26 Jul 2010

John, Richard and Emma

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A picture of my younger siblings, done as a gift to the two on the right as it was their birthday recently. They both like video games and Emma's particularly fond of Final Fantasy, so this is them as characters from Final Fantasy 7. John (on the left) isnt really as muscular as Barrat, but he's just started attending a gym regularly so he no doubt will be quite soon.

16 Jul 2010

Illustration Friday --- DIARY

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The latest IF entry I have ever done, this is actually last week's theme and I completely missed it. Like the muppet that I am, I still painted the damn thing up. Stupido!!

4 Jul 2010

Immocalata sketch

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Another sketch of a character from a Clive Barker novel, this time it's Immocalata from Weaveworld. She is a very interesting character, full of contradictions and mystery. Beautiful and terrifying, she is a fascinating challenge to capture in a drawing, as I demonstrate above by totally ballsing it up. Will be trying again, and trying harder.

1 Jul 2010

Worked-up Work Doodle

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Just a doodle of a girly that I doodled when I should have been doing what I'm actually paid for. Thought it was quite nice so I decided to paint it up a little bit. Think I will do this sort of thing more often , as I am always drawing when I'm at work but usually just end up binning them. It was quite fun smearing muddy, dark, ugly colours over a rubbish, cack-handed biro doodle. Makes me feel deeply depressed about my life.

Here's the original doodle too:

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