30 Jun 2010

Mousey Girly

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Just a study which I've been tinkering with for the last coupla days before trudging off to my job-job. originally a pencil study from Sucide Girls, interesting shadows around the tummy made me want to paint this up a bit. No colour so sue me.

3 Jun 2010

Mamoulian storms The Sanctuary -- Clive Barker's THE DAMNATION GAME

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Another quick image of Mamoulian, doodled last night and painted this morning before work. I have spent about an hour on this so far. This is Mamoulian storming The Sanctuary, kicking ass along the way. I am eagerly anticipating reading the description of Mamoulian and his powers again so I can refine my design and maybe include some more specific details.

2 Jun 2010

Mamoulian -- Clive Barker's THE DAMNATION GAME

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I am currently re-reading Clive Barker's debut novel The Damnation Game and this is my initial interpretation of the villain of the piece, Mamoulian. I have read this novel twice already, the last time several years ago. In this current reading of the book, I havent yet met Mamoulian, so this drawing has been completed from my recollections and impression of the character from my previous readings. I am looking forward to meeting him again, and am looking forward to having a bit of a draw when I do ;)