24 Nov 2007

Riding The Niner: A Repairman Jack Comic

This comic is based on one of the opening scenes from 'Hosts' written by F Paul Wilson. I chose to adapt this scene into a sequential illustration because I thought it has a very simple three part structure that would work well as a stand-alone story.

I thought that having an ancillary character narrate the action was interesting, becasue of the nature of Repairman Jack's character; he is always a part of the crowd. I hope that anyone unfamiliar with Repairman Jack would not even realise who the hero is until he strikes.

11 Nov 2007

Painting Skintones

This is a drawing of Ryan Reynolds, who has recently been announced as the actor who will play Repairman Jack in the upcoming movie. I am doing studies of Reynolds as character design for the short comic I am producing, based on one of the Repairman Jack novels.

Following on from the crit I received for Georiga, and after having read several online tutorials in how to paint skintones, I decided to take this study and make a painting of it. I began by painting in black and white to fix the tonal range. I then went over it again with colour.

I am not sure how well it turned out. It is a very different process than the simpler one I am used to , but I think that with practice and after doing more studies from life I should see some improvement soon.

7 Nov 2007


This is an illuatration of a character from Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box, and it was drawn by Sorrel Sparks as part of her current self initiated project. I was impressed by the clarity of the line work and the natural pose, so I decided to colour a version myself. Most notable in this illo from my point of view is her hair; whilst this was mainly painted with a mouse, the hair is the first time I have used a graphics tablet to achieve more painterly effect.