28 Jun 2014

Bristol Alternative & Burlesque Fair

I forgot that when they're not posing at Dr Sketchy's, burlesque models tend to move around quite a lot :S

Today I ended up abandoning any attempt to quickly sketch the models whilst they were performing, and just sat and enjoyed the show. In between acts I had fun doodling other audience members and people browsing the market stalls. Some absolutely amazing performances, most notably Beau Rocks who really is a living breathing Vargas girl. Such personality and stage presence, I just wish she had sat still for 5 - 10 minutes... probably would have spoiled the act for the rest of the audience, but I would have been grateful :P

Dr Sketchy's Bristol Celebrates a year of glamour, burlesque, and crazy kitsch!

To celebrate their 1st birthday, Dr Sketchy Bristol are hosting a Burlesque/Circus/Glamour Extravaganza 27th July. Am I looking forward to it? Well here are tickets #1 and #2 for me and Hattie :)

Dr. Sketchy’s is the setting for life drawing classes with a difference. Fusing classic drawing techniques with contemporary trends and styles, it allows artists to express themselves in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Since its foundation in New York City in 2005 by Ms Molly Crabapple, Dr. Sketchy’s has wasted no time in spreading its creative vibe all over the world, and gaining credibility in each city it dwells.

Over the past year Bristol has hosted seven Dr Sketchy ‘sell out’ sessions in which talented artists have been inspired by Circus performers, burlesque artist, drag queens, singers and even ‘Alfred’ popped down from the museum for a session.

Each class is a three-hour, fun-filled session featuring fantastic costumes and the opportunity to see live performances from some great name on the UK's alternative cabaret scene.
Unlike most art classes, silence is not mandatory and you can enjoy a drink from the bar while listening to there groovy psychedelic soundtrack as you sketch.

Here's a selection of my sketches from recent events, I can't wait to update with new sketches after the next event! Burlesque + Circus + Sketching = Happy Adam

27 Jun 2014

Roller Derby bout sketches (+ bonus train ticket reference number)

I found these old pages on my tablet the other day, from a roller derby bout that I went to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago but forgot to post online. I am working on a derby-related drawing at the moment, so was digging around for reference stuff and was delighted to come across these old gesture drawings. Of less derby relevance but greater historical posterity is the trainline reference for mine and Hattie's train home- 4BRNCF2X -jotted down here because my tablet had loads of battery left and my phone was about to die, and we needed the code to collect our tickets home from Cardiff. 

17 Jun 2014

Doodle Man

I have been doodling this guy in 5-10 minute chunks over the last couple of months. Every time I have had to sit in the doctor's waiting room I have been fiddling with this on my tablet. Every once in a while I would start on a new layer, so I could cobble together a gif of the WIP. I was considering doing a coat and then some powered-armour exoskeleton, but I decided it would be more fun to draw a line in the sand and then start something new.