31 Aug 2014

14 Aug 2014

10 Aug 2014

Bristol Roller Derby B-Team :: Futuristic Uniform Concept

Above: The final concept. I didn't change the existing B Team uniform colours or strip, in the end I focused on adapting it to fit the leotard concept. The pads and skates would be the skater's own, so the concept is really focused on the uniform and the helmet.  Below: Some development tablet doodles of variations of the unform.

Central to the futuristic element of the unifrom concept was that there would be loads of hi-tech features built into the helmets. 

2 Aug 2014


I started this doodle of a lady after watching Bettie Page Reveals All and although the sketch was not intended to be a likeness of Bettie Page the haircut certainly was... ;) I decided to call her BettieSUICIDE as all the tattoos and style are so clearly influenced by my work on my Sketch of the Set of the Day project. 

I started the doodle on my tablet, and had it going on for a week or so just dabbing on it here and there. The process gif shows all the different stages that she went through, most of them totally obscured in the final version.