11 Oct 2009

Faces, Figures and Free Running

My usual weekly update. This week I have been drawing a lot of faces from the newspapers, trying to work on achieving a likeness. Again, this exercise is underataken with my upcoming comic project in mind, where I will need to maintain consistent distinct likenesses of several different characters across multiple pages.

And as well as the ususal figure studies from Suicide Girls and vasrious other sites on the internet, I have also started to work my way through 'Creative Illustration' by Andrew Loomis. This is a very interesting book that has laready started to effect the way that I approach compostion and design in my artwork, as I beleive is evidencedc in my IF entry this week 'Flying', which I have included my sketchbook work for in this post.

Click to enlarge: Drawing faces from newspapers and the internet to try and practice maintaining likenesses.
Click to enlarge: This is the thumbnail development from my skethcbook for this week's IF post, FLYING.
Click to enlarge: More of my regular figure drawin studies.
Click to enlarge: A lot of Loomis' book is theory for reading, but he also includes many thumbnails/illustrated examples wi=hich I have been working from.