22 Feb 2015

Dr Sketchy's Bristol :: Bad to the Bone"

I really don't keep this blog updated enough, do I? It seems like the only time I ever update is whenever I go to a Dr Sketchy's session! If you're interested in seeing more of my work you can also follow my ongoing Suicide Girls Sketch of the Set of the Day project on Twitter and Tumblr

As for this afternoon's sketching, it was as much fun as it always is at Dr Sketchy's Bristol. New venue and new time is nice, with some good things and bad things so looking forward to seeing what things are like next time. I was really looking forward to getting to draw Mz Bones and considering her profile and the name of the event (Bad to the Bone) I assumed she would be the headline act, so I was surprised to see her come out first. Arabella Sparkles was up next, and looked great in her highway man burlesque costume. Lots of fun to draw, I would have loved to have had a long pose to draw her costume! Luna L'amour was the third and final act, and I had a lot of fun sketching her. She kept pulling fantastically vampish facial expressions, which suited her creepy Snow White routine perfectly.