23 Mar 2014

Dr Sketchy's Bristol :: "Jungle Blues"

I am just back in from another great session at Dr Sketchy's and am happy to be able to share the results.

These sessions are always great fun and benefit from a tremendous range of fantastic models and the bubbly personality of the Hostess Lou Leigh Blue. Today's models were Honey Asaurus HolidayPoppy Von Tarte, and Velveteen Hussey. They were all brilliant in there own way, and all together formed a very well rounded and entertaining afternoon of life drawing. Some might say that four 5 minute poses of Velveteen Hussey wearing a gorilla outfit was three too many, but when she did strip down to her muddy loin cloths she was fantastic to draw.

If I could have anything more than I already did, it would be a few batches of short poses. I think the shortest poses we had today were 3 minutes or so, which is still quite a long time for the models to hold certain showgirls poses. 10 minutes or so of 60 second poses would allow the models to adopt some very expressive, flamboyant poses that would be terrific for quick gesture drawings.

As much fun as today was, I am *really* looking forward to next time at Dr Sketchy's Bristol, "The Glitter Ball"... I have just ordered my first ever tablet PC (only a cheap one, nothing too fancy!) and if I can get to grips with it, I shall take it with me and challenge myself to some painting of the models. Will be nice to splash some colour on the poses, or work in light and dark tones.... fun fun fun!  ;)