28 Oct 2010

The Partisan

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Another sketchbook page scan showing a couple of drawings of The Partisan, one in colour, and the colour version of his patch. The gun was fun, rather than just copying the coolest gun I could find on Google, I delibertately designed it based loosely on several different guns. It was fun trying to think of the form follwing the function, imagining the kind of requirements The Partisan would need from the weapon he took with him. Considering he's gonna Wolf-Out when he gets toi his mission, it was fun coming up with the kind of weapon needed for self defense/small skirmishes en route to the bloodbath showdown.

Text taken from the page: "In human form, the werewolf is an Eastern European mercenary I have dubbed The Partisan as he is involved in a guerilla resistance movement against the occupying American forces. He hasn’t been a werewolf his whole life but he has been one for long enough to be weary of the constant struggle and is a deeply lonely character. Before he became a werewolf he had a family, which he is now unable to lead a normal life with due to his uncontrollable monthly lycanthropy. Angst, man!"

More to come!