5 Oct 2009

Weekly SketchDump

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Not a huge dump this week. My new shifts leave me with an hour less every morning to work in, and my lunchtimes are occupied with immensely difficult/boring/necessary task of thumbaniling my next comic, so I havent got a great deal to post this week. With any luck I shall soon adapt to my new shift rotation, and will be able to pick up the pace a little in the mornings so I can get through more studies everyday.

Along with the usual poses and figure drawing, I have also included a painted sketch I did last night of myself wearing rubber gloves and breathing through a harmonica. This is something I do from time to time to let off steam. Sorrel and I were both sketching last night when this activity came up in coversation, we both quickly sketched it out as we were speaking. I painted mine and blogged it. I'm surprosed Sorrel can remember this at all- she usually represses the memory of things like this.